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Create digital menus and display them on your tv using Roku.
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Freelancer Rate Calculator

Freelancer Rate Calculator

A calculator that helps freelancers calculate what their hourly rate should be.

Customer Portal

This project was a self service customer portal.

This client managed automatic backups for companies. Before this project their customers would have to call them up whenever they needed a backup restored.

This project allowed customers to log in to a self service portal where they could manage their own backups.

Customer Portal
Realty Voice

Realty Voice

This project allows realtors and home sellers to answer questions for home buyers while they are viewing the home. Buyers are able to ask an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or their phone questions about the home and get immediate answers. Buyers are also able to leave feedback for the home seller.

KCDC 2019

This project was created for the 2019 Kansas City Developer Conference. The site was a progressive web app that allowed conference attendees to search for sessions and speakers. Attendees were also able to favorite sessions so that they could create their own schedule.
KCDC 2019


Web Development

Build websites to promote your business or sell your products.

Custom Software

Build custom windows applications meet your business needs.

Business Automation

Automate your business processes and reduce labor and costs.


Get help deciding what technology improvements will help your business the most.


  • Great for discovery
  • Perfect for open ended work
  • Not great if you have a fixed budget
Flat Rate
  • Great for well defined projects
  • Ideal for cost consious businesses
  • Not possible on ongoing projects
  • Perfect if you have a limited need on a recurring basis
  • Small business friendly